What’s New With BlueStacks 2 – Features

BlueStacks team recently introduces BlueStacks 2 App Player. There are many new features, which comes with this new release. We will unveil them all in this article for the users so that you can get a clear view about What’s new with BlueStacks 2.

The latest release has BlueStacks TV in it, with which you can stream anything from your BlueStacks to other users around the globe. Primarily, BlueStacks 2 allows multitasking feature, where you can play multiple games. Moreover, chat in one tab and use the app in another tab. Not to this extent, you can use the third tab for streaming, 4th tab for playing a game and so on.

Top Eight Features of BlueStacks

1- Welcome & Android Tab: In the welcome tab you can find the most popular apps on BlueStack platform, from all over the world. While on the other side Android TAB lets you install the apps which you love to use on your PC or Mac.

2- Use of Multiple Tabs: Whenever you launch an App, it will open in a new tab. This will allow you to switch between multiple apps at the same time.

3- Watch & Stream While Playing: One can watch a video over YouTube or another platform, Stream with BlueStack TV. At the same time while playing games or using other Android Apps.

4- Left Side Toolbar: The toolbar helps you to move through many of the features available right from your activity screen. One do not have to move to settings while leaving the Apps windows.

What's New in BlueStacks 2

5- Resize your Screen: One can change the size of the screen, according to his/her needs. You can do that, simply by just dragging the corners of your BlueStacks Windows.

6- Back Button: At the top bar, where the tabs open you can find a BACK BUTTON. This works to take you to the back screen, just as it happens in a web browser.

7- Enhanced Storage: BlueStacks 2 comes with a jump in storage capacity. Where users can use 32GB of space, 16GB internal and 16GB card storage. This allows users to install and enjoy more apps than before.

8- General Improvements: Dozens of other improvements and bug fixes, which lets users use the bulk of other apps uninterpreted.

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