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One can report a problem to BlueStack team if you are getting issue again and again. There is an option available in the BlueStacks-2 App Player to report the problem online. Follow the steps below to report the problem with BlueStacks.

1). On the home screen, look up for the ‘Settings icon’ just at the upper right corner in BlueStacks 2.

2). Now from the drop-down you have to click on the “Report Problem” here you have to write up your issue and send it.

Report a Problem to BlueStack Team

NOTE: When you report the problem to Zendesk, you have to add the ticket number in the description. Look like (Zendesk Ticket Number:********)

When You Send Report, What Happens with It?

After sending the report, the information you give will reach BlueStacks Team with the log files of Software. The LogFiles contains the information about the errors and problems. The BlueStacks technical Engineers will categorize the problem you report and then diagnose the actual reason which causes the issue.

Actionable Information

The information which you send in the Log Files which records the error information is known as Actionable information. The Log file also includes info about the type of operating system (i.e. win 8, win 8.1, 7, Vista, XP or Mac OS). This information is known as Actionable info for the BlueStacks team.

What is Category While Reporting a Problem?

You have to select the category because it will filter the type of issue which you face. It enables the BlueStacks team to summarize your problem and to successfully select a solution.

Why Use “Report Problem” Feature?
  1. Using Report Problem feature is more likely to be responded by BlueStacks team comparatively to other options. The Official website or other forums is not a suitable place to report the problem.
  2. When you report the issue with this method, it goes with the Error Logs. Which means that technical team can diagnose the issue better and fast.
  3. This method of reporting a problem is also better than email or question on a forum. Because with this method BlueStacks team gets the technical details of the error type and its root cause. Every person is not able to send complete details about the issue because he can only describe the problem which he/she experience.
  4. On the other hand, the technical team requires the technical information to solve the problem. The LogFile of BlueStacks keeps that information in it, which details all issues with the programming and other software related drivers.
How Much Time it Will Take to get a Response from BlueStacks Team?

Normally BlueStacks team respond quickly but, it depends on the issue. The process of analysis is manual and it may take time, while they diagnose and fix the issue properly. However, you will receive an email regarding the issue resolution in a couple of days. Usually, it can take up to 5-7 business days. But this is not the final words if the issue is global it can take weeks or probably months to fix the problem. However, BlueStacks have a Good team to handle the issues, they will surely better care of their customers.

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