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old version of BlueStacksBlueStacks is a well-known Android emulator for PC. Using this program, you can download and run mobile applications on your computer. Play your favorite games on a big screen with a keyboard and mouse. Use BlueStacks for better graphics and performance. When your phone can’t handle an app because of its system requirements, launch it on PC. However, the latest version of BlueStacks itself might be too much for some older PCs. In that case, try to download an old version of the emulator that your PC can handle.

Advantages and shortcomings of older versions

The very first BlueStacks emulator was released in 2011. The program was a real breakthrough. Since then, 4 more versions have been released, but many people still prefer BlueStacks 1 or 2 due to their low system requirements.

What other advantages do the old versions have?

  • low CPU and memory usage;
  • no freezes on outdated computers;
  • work smoothly on older versions of Windows;
  • basic functionality, nothing extra;
  • simple interface and controls.

Very often users refuse to update the program and switch to a newer version of the emulator because they do not want to get used to its changes and new functionality.

However, the BlueStacks developers strongly recommend using the latest current version of the program, as it is better optimized and safer to work with.

In this regard, the following shortcomings in older versions can be distinguished:

  1. Lack of new features.
  2. More vulnerable to viruses and trojans.
  3. Slower performance.
  4. Incompatible with the architecture of the latest Windows versions and 64-bit systems.
  5. More bugs.

Thus, the usage of older BlueStacks versions has both advantages and downsides. It is important to evaluate all program features and your computer capabilities before choosing the best version (new or old) to use.

Where to find previous versions of the program

If you want to install an old version of BlueStacks, you can download it from our website for free. Just select the version you need, click the “Download” button, and specify the folder to save the installation file. All software on our site is safe and requires no registration to download it.

Download order

The download process is standard, you just need to select one of the old versions of the BlueStacks App Player and click the “Download” button. Then specify the folder to save the installation file and wait for the download to complete.

BlueStacks 4
BlueStacks 3
BlueStacks 2
BlueStacks 1

Installing the program

When the installation file is downloaded to your PC, you can proceed to the installation. It’s not difficult. Just follow these steps:

  1. Run the installation file by double-clicking “Bluestacks.exe”.
  2. A window will appear on the screen for the subsequent installation of the program, where you need to click “Run as administrator”.
  3. Wait for initialization.
  4. Agree to the terms of the license agreement and, and locate the folder to unpack the emulator.
  5. Click “Install”.

The installation may take several minutes, so please and do not launch any other programs meanwhile until it’s finished.

After the installation is complete, there’s no need to restart the computer, the program is ready for work. BlueStacks will start automatically, but if it won’t, then launch it manually.

Google account Bluestacks
Linking a Google account is very simple

Authorize in your Google account. If you down have one, then sign up. You won’t be able to use Google Play without a Google account.

Which version to choose

Older versions of the program have both advantages and shortcomings. To make the right choice, check your hardware first.

If your computer is rather old and has less than 2GB RAM, then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to run the latest version, which is Bluestacks 5. In order to avoid glitches and freezes, try Bluestacks 1 or Bluestacks 2.

These versions are suitable for Windows XP and later. For macOS, Win 7, and Win 10 computers BlueStacks 3 or 4 would be the better choice.

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