Find BlueStacks Version on Mac – BlueStacks Guide for Mac OS

One can simply find the information about BlueStacks version number which you download from official website. This may be needed on occasions when there is a need to solve any problem or issue with BlueStacks app player. Follow the steps below to find BlueStacks version on Mac.

Steps to Find Version of BlueStacks Installed on Mac

a). After launching BlueStacks App Player on Mac, look up for BlueStacks on top menu bar.

b). Now from the drop-down, you have to select the option ‘About BlueStacks Option’. The images below you can see, helps to identify the step more clearly.

About BlueStacks Option

c). Finally, after you click on About BlueStacks, a popUp will appear. Consequently, here you will find the version of BlueStacks installed on the Mac.

Find BlueStacks Version on Mac

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