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download BlueStacks TweakerVirtually everyone who runs Android applications on their computer has heard of the BlueStacks App Player since it’s the most renowned Android emulator. However, not everyone knows that there is an add-on to this product called BlueStacks Tweaker. This is a separate module that helps to make adjustments, change settings, and tweak different parameters of BlueStacks. If you need to change the program setup, then use BlueStacks Tweaker.

What does it do

First of all, let’s not confuse BlueStacks with BlueStacks Tweaker. The former is an Android emulator that is used to run mobile apps on a computer. While the latter is a utility that expands the functions and capabilities of the BlueStacks emulator. BlueStacks Tweaker allows you to start, restart, pause or completely disable the emulator; it also can change the interface language, a set of basic parameters, set custom settings, add new profiles, and even use different models of emulated devices.

Functionality and setup

BlueStacks Tweaker is a portable utility that acts as an additional tool for tweaking the BlueStacks emulator. This program provides ample opportunity that will especially appeal to experienced users and programmers. What functions does the Tweaker helper utility have:

  1. Ability to connect and use several Google accounts.
  2. Fine-tuning for any account.
  3. Technical modules matching the latest generation of Android OS.
  4. Ability to change the interface of the emulator.
  5. Individual controls scheme customization.

Thus, BlueStacks Tweaker gives you a vast set of additional tools for setting up the Android emulator on your computer, including the ability to set your own controls scheme.

BlueStacks Tweaker is a portable program that helps you customize the BlueStacks emulator for your own goals and objectives. Thanks to individual settings, you can enhance the performance of the system, use its resources rationally, and manage Android applications with comfort. And, of course, all tweaks remain until changed, no need to set them anew every time.

How to download

If you want to use your BlueStacks App Player with flair and efficiency, download BlueStacks Tweaker in addition to it. But first, check if your computer can handle this program.

System Requirements

Before proceeding to installation, make sure your computer meets all the following requirements:

  • operating system: Windows 7 or later;
  • CPU: Intel or AMD with virtualization technology;
  • 1 GB RAM;
  • video card supporting OpenGL technology;
  • 1 GB of free disk space.

If all the requirements are met, but the program doesn’t work, then check the virtualization activity in BIOS.

Download and installation order

You can download the BlueStacks Tweaker installation file for free from our website. Pick a version, then click the “Download BlueStacks Tweaker” button next to it, and specify a folder to save the software package. After the download is complete, extract files from the archive and run BlueStacksTweaker.exe. It requires no installation.

BlueStacks Tweaker 6

The current version is BSTweaker 6.7.9: (BlueStacks 4.150 – 4.280 + Hyper-V) + FileManager for BlueStacks.

BSTweaker 6

BlueStacks Tweaker 5

The current version is BSTweaker 5.16.1. (BlueStacks 2.5 – 4.170)

BSTweaker 5

BlueStacks Tweaker 3

The latest version is BSTweaker 3.12 (BlueStacks 0.8 – 2.1). Requires .NET Framework 4 or later.

BSTweaker 3

How to use BlueStacks Tweaker

BlueStacks Tweaker has a quick and intuitive interface. Let’s look at its tabs:

  1. This is the main menu that contains the information about the program itself, along with the most important buttons such as “Stop”, “Close”, “Run”, and “Delete”.
  2. The “Settings” tab is divided into two windows. The first one contains the information related to the GUID; the second one displays all the parameters of the mobile device, including the operator, country, and phone model.
  3. This menu allows you to adjust the screen settings and set the amount of RAM allocated.
  4. In this tab, you can change the theme, as well as enable or disable auto-update.
  5. Here you can lock or unlock root for BlueStacks.
  6. Based on the name, various useful utilities.
  7. Fine-tuning tools.
  8. FM and About. Here you can start a manual update, as well as set the frequency of checking for updates.

All in all, BlueStacks Tweaker is a useful addition to the BlueStacks App Player that helps the emulator to reach its full potential. How to download, install, and use BlueStacks Tweaker?

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