BlueStacks Hangs While Loading the Home Screen – Help

The older versions of BlueStacks have this issue (BlueStacks Hangs While Loading the Home Screen) if you got the problem. Upgrade to the latest version DOWNLOAD BLUESTACKS FROM HERE. The latest version has fixes in it to cover this issue.

BlueStacks Hangs While Loading the Home Screen

Steps to Fix BlueStacks Hangs While Loading the Home Screen Issue

Anyhow, if you have the latest version, then follow the steps available as below. BlueStacks 2 may stuck on the loading screen sometimes, however you can fix the problem.

  1. Restart BlueStacks 2, sometimes any part of software fails to load when you starts BlueStacks app player. In most cases, the Restarts fix the issues, Learn how to Restart BlueStacks.
  2. In about 80% cases the issue fixes with the above step. However, if it still persists and you are getting the same problem. Now restart your PC or Mac, this will restart the whole services which BlueStacks Needs to RUN.
  3. Now 15% of the remaining 20% will get the issue fix. Anyhow, if still, you got the problem. Try to UnInstall BlueStacks and then Download latest BlueStacks pack.
  4. About 3%-4% out of available 5% people will not get hangs in the loading screen. However, if you are getting the problem still, then move to next step.
  5. A small number of people reach this step, this is very rare that above steps do not fix the problem. You have to REPORT PROBLEM to BlueStacks team, with the logs file. Learn how to Send Reports to BlueStacks team.
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