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BlueStacks 1What is BlueStacks? It is an emulator program designed to run Android applications on PC. You can play all your favorite mobile games with better graphics and better performance, on a bigger screen. With BlueStacks you can download apps directly from Google Play to your computer. BlueStacks 1 is the very first version of this renowned emulator. It has all the features you need and works great even on outdated computers.

Quick Overview

download bluestacks 1
First version BlueStacks App Player

The full name of this program is the BlueStacks App Player 1. This emulator was released in 2011 and remains highly demanded to this day. BlueStacks 1 is popular both among gamers and programmers, who can test their own apps with its help.

Key features and capabilities

Let’s look in detail what you’ll be able to do after installing the BlueStacks App Player on your computer:

  • download and launch any applications developed for Android OS;
  • run mobile games on Windows;
  • use Google Play to download apps directly to your PC;
  • install .apk files downloaded from elsewhere;
  • synchronize your mobile device with a computer.

Root access allows you to edit and remove any files, make adjustments to the interface and functionality.

Program’s interface

After you’ve downloaded and installed the program you should sign in or sign up with Google. Without a Google account you won’t be able to use the Google Play Store. Also, you may link your mobile device with the PC. Although, it’s not mandatory. You don’t even have to have an Android device to use BlueStacks.

How does this emulator look? When you launch the program it opens in a separate window similar to a browser. You’ll see a familiar desktop with app icons in the middle of the screen and opened tabs up top.

As usual, you can download new applications to your computer from Google Play. Or you may run of .apk file downloaded from other sources.

The interface is nearly identical to an Android device. The only major difference is the ability to control everything with a mouse and keyboard. Precise mouse aiming and keyboard shortcuts are greatly appreciated by gamers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Why do some people prefer to stay with BlueStacks 1 instead of updating to the latest version? Here’s what it has to offer:

  • less space used on the hard disk drive;
  • lesser system requirements;
  • runs smoothly on outdated or weak computers;
  • fast installation;
  • a basic set of functions, including downloading from the Google Play Store.

Alas, BlueStacks 1 has its downsides and shortcomings. Before you choose which version to use, check out the following disadvantages of version number one:

  • reduced performance compared to later releases;
  • incompatible with 64-bit systems and the most recent versions of Windows;
  • vulnerable to viruses;
  • there may be bugs.

Another distinctive drawback is that BlueStacks 1, unlike the later versions, requires the installation of third-party applications. If that’s an issue, consider picking a newer release.

How to download the program

Let’s cut to the chase, how to download this Android emulator to your PC? Downloading and installing it is really straightforward.

System requirements

But before you install anything, you must check the system requirements. For BlueStacks 1 to work properly, your computer must meet the following conditions:

  • operating system: Windows XP or later;
  • 300 MB of free disk space 300 MB;
  • 256 MB video card;
  • CPU: 1.8 GHz or higher;
  • 2 GB RAM.

A prerequisite for installing and using the BlueStacks App Player is a stable Internet connection.

As you can see, the first version of BlueStacks is well-suited to weak computers and outdated operating systems. But keep in mind that some modern applications (games, for instance) may freeze or work slowly because they were developed for more powerful hardware. On Windows 7 or 10 use BlueStacks 3 or 4.

Download order

If your computer meets all the system requirements, then you can download BlueStacks from our site absolutely free. Check the table below and hit the Download button next to the version you want to install. The download will take up to a few minutes, after which you can proceed to the installation and launch.

Bluestacks For Windows

BlueStacks App Player versionFull Setup Size 
Version: MBDownload
Version: + ROOT253 MBDownload
Version: + ROOT250 MBDownload
Version: MBDownload
Version: MBDownload
Version: MBDownload

Support for bluestacks 1. x has been discontinued. For correct work of the the application, after installing you need to download and run bluestacks fix 0.9. x, 1.x


1. Unpack the archive

2. Run as an administrator.

3. Agree to make changes.

4. Restart Bluestacks.

Bluestacks For Mac OS

BlueStacks App Player versionFull Setup Size 
Version: MBDownload

Installation and start of use

Once the BlueStacks installation file is downloaded, double-click to launch it. The initialization process and unpacking will take up to several minutes. Further installation will look like this:

  1. The license agreement will appear on the screen. Read it and accept its terms to proceed.
  2. Click “Continue”, then tick the additional components you want to install.
  3. Press “Continue” again, and specify the location to install the program. Leave it as default if you will.
  4. The last step is to log in to Google services and (optional) link your smartphone to the program. If you are not registered with Google, then you must sign up in order to use the Google Play Store in the future.

After the installation is complete, you’ll see a notification on the screen, and the emulator will start automatically. If this doesn’t happen, then you can the program from the Desktop, File Explorer, or the Start Menu.

The first launch of BlueStacks may take up to several minutes as the program gets ready to work. The following launches should go faster. The emulator opens in a separate window that resembles the interface of your phone. Only now you can control it with your keyboard and mouse. Each running application in the emulator will open in a new tab.

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