Black Screen Issue on BlueStacks – BlueStacks Guide for Win & Mac

If you get Black Screen issue on BlueStacks app player, then to fix the problem you have to follow the steps below.

1st Method to fix Black Screen Issue on BlueStacks

a). Restart BlueStacks: Try to restart BlueStacks app player, this will refresh all of the files necessary to run the application.



b). If Black Screen occurs while using Clash of Clans app. Then Follow These Steps.

c). Still Getting the Problem: If you are getting the same problem after you have implemented the above steps. Then it can be either of any reason which we explained below, Use the next method to fix this issue.

2nd Method to Fix Black Screen Issue on BlueStacks

1- Old Graphic Driver: You can update the graphic driver of your system, by visiting the official website of your Graphic system provider. Click on the link provided below.

when you visit the relevant website, it will automatically detect the old version and update it.

2- OLD BLUESTACKS VERSION: If you have installed BlueStacks since for a long period of time. Then you must have to update BlueStacks and install a new software, as it will contain fixes for this problem.

3- If still, you are getting the same problem and screen goes black after some time. Then REPORT A PROBLEM to BLUESTACKS TEAM.

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